05 May 2009

The Black Widow Challenge – Chapter 1

Warning – This story contains violence.

The rules for the Black Widow Challenge can be read here.

This is the Sim I created for the Challenge. She’s a Romance Sim and her name is Ivory Black. Her lifetime want is to be on top of the Music career. I don’t remember her sign, but I gave her no points in the nice department and none on the playful either. You can download Ivory Black to have her in your game. She comes with the Custom Contents.


I chose StrangeTown because I never play there, so it didn’t matter to me if some Sims had to die there. This is the house I chose.


Ivory was desperate to find a man, and surprisingly enough it was pretty easy. Johnson Pai walked by her house and she went to greet him. He’s very cute and she hoped that he’d have a good job as well. [I only changed his hair]


There was no beating around the bushes with Ivory. Once they’re relationship level was high enough she brought him to her room. They have 2 lightning bolts so it was pretty easy to get close to him.


After they woohooed, he got up and left, so she called him up to tell him to come back - He wasn’t going to get away from her so easily!


Johnson did come back. He must have been starved because he ate the spoiled TV Dinner that was left over from lunch.


As she was washing the dishes, she watched as Johnson talked outside with Bella Goth. She’d have to make sure she wouldn’t lose him to some other broad. That’s when she decided to ask him to move in with her. He moved in with $8 thousand dollars and he works as a gas station attendant, which is not making much money.


Another good looking guy that walked by her house. Albhijeet Cho. [I changed his hair and fixed his nose a tad]


She started to hang around Albhijeet and inviting him over. Johnson didn’t seem to mind. She had just found out that she was pregnant.


After Johnson left for work, she made out with Albhijeet on the couch.


They stayed up late. Talking, eating, and woohooing.


After their woohoo, Albhijeet stayed in bed sleeping.


Ivory was cleaning in her underwear when Johnson arrived from work.


When he realized that Albhijeet was there and that they had been together, he got mad at her and slapped her. [2 Points for the slap!]


Instead of throwing Albhijeet out of his bed, he went to sleep on the couch.


Ivory tricked him with the Noodlesoother and stole a skill from him.


He was so distracted after the Noodlesoother that he forgot that he had been cooking.


Sure enough the food caught fire. Lucky for him they had a fire alarm and the firemen came.


Ivory bought Johnson some toys. There was this machine that controlled the weather and she made him play with it. Suddenly fire started falling from the sky!


She then got him a helmet, telling him it would protect him. However it started to spark.


He suddenly fell down and started snoring. All his bars had went way down.


Ivory was watching with binoculars and he started walking towards her asking for help, then he pissed himself.


She just returned inside and gave birth to TWINS! [I cursed out loud when I saw she was having twins – That’s gonna be a handful]


She delivered two sons whom she named Nickson and Nelson.


Finally she decided to go check on Johnson. He seemed to be struggling, trying to say something.


As she approached, Death appeared. She sighed, “Well, that took longer than I had anticipated.”


As Death brought Johnson to Sim Heaven, Ivory got busy cleaning the mess so no one would suspect anything.



+50 – Affair ended in death.

+30 – For each child with a different father. The twins count as 1

+5 – Caught Cheating

+10 For a grave

+20 – Asp. bar went platinum once.

+2 – Got slapped once.

-10 – partner died of starvation.

Total: 107 Points

Here’s another Black Widow Challenge that I enjoyed reading by JMW.


  1. Wow, Ivory, sure didn't waste any time getting and offing her man...which is really cold, by the way (i hope she get nightmares).

  2. When I saw this challenge I just had to try it. It's actually quite challenging and fun.
    And yes, she is very, very, cold. Unless she has to be warm to have her way.

  3. Johnson is my favorite character in sims 2