06 May 2009

The Black Widow Challenge – Chapter 3

Taking where we left off, Ivory’s second lover, Albhijeet Cho, has just passed away.


Ivory asked her new lover Quinten McAuley to move in with her. Again, she made up a story about Albhijeet abandoning her and the kids.


Quinten moved in adding 19 thousand dollards to the funds. His job is in Minor League making $238.


Baby Albert grew into a toddler.


She soon became pregnant… again! She had quite a handful and always busy, but luckily with the money Quinten added to the funds, she now could afford a Nanny.


She hired Sophie Miguel.


Now she could finally take care of herself more while Sophie took care of the kids.


Ivory was potty training Nickson when he passed out. She couldn’t stop laughing. I actually laughed too.


She had her hands full and before she could put Nickson to bed, again he passed out on the floor. Again she laughed herself silly. Pretty cruel to laugh at your baby like that


Joe Graham wasn’t her next choice, but he kept calling her so she decided to invite him over.


They actually hit it off pretty good. She figured she’d try him out although he was a lot older than her. Maybe he was loaded with money.


Isn’t he just so sexy?


[Ok, so I decided to give Joe Graham a facelift and clone him. I am not sure if I am doing it right because when I do it, the cloned one doesn’t seem to have the same job anymore.] Ivory is looking down, wondering if that “thing” still works.


Nelson is now a child. Finally it will be easier to take care of the twins as children.


And here is Nickson as a child.


They added an upstairs to the house, making a bedroom for the twins.


Hey, is Sophie moving in on her Joe? She had to act quick before anything like that happened!


Maybe she moved too fast. She flirted with Joe and Quinten noticed!


He got up and slapped her.


Quinten then went to bed, leaving her to tend for the kids herself. But she took a nap and let Joe take care of them.


Albijeet’s ghost visits for the first time.


Baby Quinn is born.


Quinten was still mad at her, but he was happy to see his son.


Ivory put a TV Dinner in the oven, then walked away. Quinten was fixing the garbage disposal and didn’t notice the smoke.


Ivory ran outside with Albert. She didn’t want to call the fire truck right away. She had taken out the fire alarm, hoping to trap Quinten in a fire like this.


It looked like Quinten would be engulfed by flames any moment now. Ivory had even thought of putting a wooden table at the door so that he couldn’t get out.


The cupboards and the stove burned down, and Quinten survived the worst!


Ivory was left to clean the mess. That plan had surely backfired in her face.


She could only hope that he would die choking on his TV Dinner while he slept.


Having 6 members in a household was tough. The kids were always in their underwear unless they had to go to school.


Albert grows up as a child.


Time for Ivory’s next plan. She prepared a lot of dishes and put them all over the room.


She then trapped Quinten in her secret room in the basement, and put the spoilt food with him.


It had been a big job and now she was tired. She just hoped something would happen soon!


Quinn is now a toddler. He surely looks a lot like Quinten.


meanwhile, she cooks more food and lets it spoil and adds it to the trap room. But again, nothing happens. Days go by and he just eats the spoilt food and stays alive. The flies don’t even attack him.


Quinten had been missing for quite a few days, so she told Joe that he had abandoned her and the kids and asked him to move in.


Joe Graham moved in adding NO money to the funds. He works as a Security Guard making $125!


Ivory was fixing a salad when Johnson’s ghost spooked her. Why can’t you go downstairs and do that to Quinten! She thought angrily.


She finally gave up and ridded the room of all food and let him starve to death. She hadn’t wanted another starvation, but she was tired of having him in the basement.


Ivory’s small and private cemetery.



+254 – From previous Chapters.

+50 – Affair ended in death.

+30 – One pink ghost.

+30 – Another kid has a different father.

+5 – Caught cheating.

+10 – For new grave.

+2 – Slapped once.

+20 - Ivory’s asp. bar went platinum

- 5 – Partner died in starvation.

I am not sure if it means the whole family about the aspiration bar going platnum in the rules. It’s not really clear?

Total: 496 Points


  1. Quinten neeeded to die. I don't care what a woman does, but hitting her, especially when she's pregnant? WTF's his problem? Ivory could have done much better/worse at getting rid of him.

    Joe...hmm...he didn't bring in any money, so no love for him there. Oh, if you clone a sim, the clone always have a different aspirition (usually popularity) and no job. They're like twins, just b/c they look the same, doesn't mean they are the same...they even have different turn on/offs.

    I've only ready two other black widow challenges, but my favorite, for some reason, is now missing from S2C, so can't help with the rules.

  2. Ah, then I need to clone them before she actually gets to know them too much. Each time I clone one, they do have a job though, only a different one. But it surely explains why at first they are attracted to her, then they're not and vise versa. I wasn't sure if I was doing it right.

    I read that there used to be a different set of rules, but I only found this one. It's actually fun!

    Sims 3 comes out in June and I want to get it, but I can't see me abandoning Sims 2 hehe .. I will probably wait to play it after they come out with a lot of CCs and Mods.