11 December 2009

Serial Killer Challenge Part 4

With Jenny being pregnant again, Red forgot about his promise to Margaret Howe about maybe sparing her life. Not that he had planned to let her go. But when he went to check on her she had died. But the shed didn’t remain empty for long. Soon enough another of the Black sons came by. Colt Black was looking for two of his brothers.


Red lured him to the shed while telling him that he had seen his brothers in that direction. Colt began to freak out when he saw all the urns. Red was loosing patient with all his whining.


When Red saw a lovely young girl by his house, he got an idea. He would bring her to keep Colt company. He was really enjoying his sick twisted ways. He learned that her name was Cameryn McGaw.


He introduced the two, but they didn’t seem as happy to be stuck together as Red had hoped. He figured with time they would get closer.


One night he spotted an older woman sneaking around his house and shed. When he stepped outside the woman began to run so he ran after her.


Turned out that the older woman was Katy McGaw, an older aunt to Cameryn. Instead of rescuing her niece, she ended up being trapped with her.


Young Cameryn didn’t last long in the locked shed. Soon she was frightened to death from a ghost.


Katy began to pray, vowing to take her revenge on her niece’s death.


Meanwhile in the house, Jenny was growing bigger with child each day.


Red wasn’t the best cook, but she didn’t care anymore. She had stopped caring about anything a long time ago. She just seemed to go through the motion of everyday chores.


Growing weaker and weaker, Colt finally died. Leaving Katy to fend for herself.


There was a crack in the roof where snow came in. She was so cold, but yet she kept on praying.


She was frightened by ghosts constantly, but still she remained alive and fighting. She should have died already, but she kept hanging on.


Oblivious to everything that was going on in the shed, the night came when Jenny gave birth. She gave birth to not one…


… but TWO girls. TWINS! Marie and Maria. They seem to be identical.


And meanwhile, Katy McGaw still remained alive. It was a miracle that she was still standing and breathing. She should have been dead a long time ago. She was frozen and starved, yet still alive…



  1. I'm curious now. How many sims must die, before Red is satisfied? I hate him already, since, he's keeping a maxis as a hostage, and has killed off my favorite, Olive. Is it alright that I keep imagining him being chopped up alive?

  2. It says it ends when the Killer dies of old age. But we have to let them die by themselves, we can't cheat, and Katy McGraw refuses to die!