28 April 2009

Pleasantview – Lothario – Part 2

Warning! This part contains mild sexual content.

Don was relieved in a way that Cassandra had broke up with him. He felt freer, as if he had gotten his wings back. Not that he hadn’t been doing anything he had wanted anyway. But still, he tried to think of a way to get her back.


He soon found himself to be lonely though, so he called up Kaylynn.


He spent the afternoon with Kaylynn, fooling around and having a few drinks.


His outdoor trash can is constantly being kicked. If it’s not by Cassandra, it’s Dina.


One day Kaylynn’s daughter, Sabrina, dropped by his house. She had seen Don around town and thought he was the sexiest man she’d ever seen. She knew he had been engaged to Cassandra, and when she heard they had broken up she lost no time in dropping by to introduce herself.


She told him she was looking for a personal fitness trainer to get in shape. He told her he wasn’t a trainer and that she must have him confused with someone else.


She said she knew he was training and she asked if he could spare time to help her. She would pay him. She begged him saying she had been looking for someone for a while and couldn’t find anyone suitable.


Finally he said he’d think about it. Then he asked her age. She looked no more than 14 to him.


She lied and said she was 17, then she got closer to him and thanked him for considering to help her.


As she spoke to him she kept close to him. She was incredibly attracted to him. She had never touched a man so fine before. Actually she’d never even kissed a guy before.


He then said he would set a time aside in the next few days and train her for a few hours.


After thanking him, she went closer to him to kiss him and he took her in his arms.


After giving him her cell number, she left. Don watched her leave, wondering who this girl was.


Later Nina dropped by to see if he was ok with his broken engagement to Cassandra. He was ok, but welcomed her TLC anyway.


Then Jan Tellerman, a neighbour, called him to see if he was free. He told her to just come on by.


Jan joined them in the hot tub. She seemed shy when Nina was around. Don kept thinking a threesome would be cool.


Then after Nina left she allowed Don to get closer.


Then they made out on the couch.


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