16 May 2009

Download Full Sims [1]


Cordell Black from Son of a Black Widow with CC.

List of Custom Content:
- For all the colors of this hair visit Garden Of Shadows
- Remember this is a sims2pack file. Double click on it in order to install it.


If you want any other Sims from my Challenge, let me know and I will upload it here. Just leave a comment below.


  1. Thanks for Cordell, I'm going to use him in my Duality Challenge, as a woman (male sims make gorgeous females - even the ugly ones), if I ever do decide to post it...waiting for the Sims 3 has made me lazy.

  2. I will have to google to see what the Duality Challenge is. I don't remember seeing this one. It would be cool to see him a as woman. I think he will be cute. I hope I see the shots one day.
    I too am waiting for the Sims 3. Not sure if I will be able to play it on my laptop without upgrading a few things, though.

  3. Duality Challenge...it should be Duality Legacy, and I created it, and it's a bit challenging, 'cause there are too many rules...but that's why I love it.

    I'll see about getting the shots, and post it up by the end of the week.

  4. Ok, I would love to see shots of it and see the rules. I'm only going to do smaller challenges until I can get the Sims 3.