29 April 2009

Pleasantview – The Calientes – Part 2

When Brandi came over for a visit, Nina finally talked her into going Downtown with her.


They played Poker for a while, but then got extremely bored.


They ended up going to the night club. There was a few people there so they decided to mingle.


Brandi was really attracted to this guy and when she saw that the blonde girl with the hat wasn’t his girlfriend, she went over and introduced herself. He told her his name was John.


She had fun with him dancing.


Nina tried to meet someone interesting but no one there suited her.


When it was time to come home she couldn’t find Brandi anywhere so she went home alone.


Dina had left and hadn’t brought her deceased husband’s urn. Nina didn’t like having it around, so she moved it to another lot. She could have sworn that after moving it, Michael Bachelor waved at her then vanished.


Nina had seen Aman Sims at the Night Club, and apparently he had seen her too and came over her house the next day.


As soon as they started talking they started disagreeing and arguing. That encounter was cut short.


She did however end up going on a date with Dante. [I forgot his last name. I changed his hairstyle and glasses, however I don’t know how to change townie’s clothes?]


Nina didn’t mind his company, but she sensed that he might be gay.


When she came home from work the following day, Dante had left her a bouquet of roses. He was thanking her for the best date he’d ever had and looking forward to doing it again soon.


She wasn’t interested in dating Dante again, instead she accepted a date with Komei.


Suddenly Dante appeared and freaked out at her for being on a date with someone else. All that time he had been watching her.


She did have a good enough time with Komei, but again she didn’t want to date him again either.


The next day she spent it with Don. She’d had enough dating for now. She was yet to find a good eligible bachelor around town.


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