02 July 2008

Chapter 7 - Out of This World Issues

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Meanwhile at Brella's house. Benjamin worked at a fast food restaurant and constantly played video games on his free time. The twins, Cast and Carter both got into Private Schools and constantly had A+ report cards. Brella kept trying to find a job but hadn't found anything to her liking yet.

They adopted a cat named Sweets. As you can see in the picture, Carter often exhibits anger for no apparent reasons.

Here's Carter and Cast. Carter in much thinner, Cast is overweight. Carter is a knowledge Sim, and Cast is a Pleasure Sim.

Many people had trouble telling them apart when they were younger, but now as teenagers, one can see the difference, not only in their weight, but in their personalities. However, most importantly the boys have always gotten along fine.

Tristian came by to visit one day and was complimenting Brella on how good she looked...

Benjamin, who had been on the front porch and overheard. He came storming towards them and yelled angrily at Brella. Calling her names and accusing her of cheating. She had always known that Benjamin was jealous of her, but she had never seen him get that angry before.

One day Cast brought a friend over after school. He really liked Holly Mendoza, she was very pretty and she was always nice to him. The other girls would ignore him and his brother.

Carter watched his brother as he was being overly friendly with Holly. Carter was very awkward around girls. He never knew what to say to them.

Brella had noticed that Benjamin was acting stranger lately, but she hadn't expected things to get out of this world stranger. One day when she got home from the grocery store, Benjamin was holding a green baby! He simply told her that the master had told him to call him Cking and that they were to raise him. Brella had no idea what he was talking about.

He told her that Cking was his son, and that she was going to help raise him. She was really scared and freaked out and told him so.

He responded to her fear by beating her up that night and warned her never to ask anymore questions about Cking and just do as she was told.

In the early morning, Brella left after Benjamin left for work. She went to visit a friend, she couldn't take anymore of Benjamin's anger towards her and now this green, strange baby.

Audrey brought Brella for an outing with old friends from College. She told her to only think of herself for the day and night, that it would help clear up her mind.

They took silly pictures from the photo booth.

They danced and had fun for hours.

She found out one of her friend from College was gay, and she even danced with her. However, just for fun.

The DJ let Brella choose the song and be the DJ for a while.

She drank too much and she wasn't used to it, so she got sick.

The fun ended when the Hostess ordered Brella to leave for the night because she was causing too much problems.

When Brella finally got back home, she found Carter taking care of Cking and she noticed that there was a crib for the baby. It was shaped like an egg, she had never seen such a strange baby crib. And there was some alien and UFO pictures on the wall. She couldn't help but notice how the alien in the picture had the same eyes as Cking. But she knew better than to ask any more questions to Benjamin about it.

She also noticed that late at night Benjamin brought Cking outside and just stood there for over an hour.

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