02 July 2008

Chapter 10 - Getting Rid of Evil

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Benjamin was in a rowdy and mean mood and Brella was sensing it. Before it got out of control as it usually did, she went to the bathroom and called Corbin on her Cellphone. She told him she'd leave the front door opened for him. Benjamin was yelling at Brella when Corbin walked in.

Benjamin didn't notice Corbin walk in and he kept hitting and yelling at Brella.

Finally Corbin spoke and Benjamin noticed him there. When Corbin told him to stop hitting Brella, Benjamin got mad and told him to mind his own business or he'd teach him a lesson as well. When Corbin told Brella to leave the house until Benjamin calmed down, Benjamin grew angry and ordered Corbin to go with him outside where he'd show him what a real man was.

Corbin followed him outside. He had no idea what he'd do.

He accused Corbin of screwing around with his wife. Corbin denied it, and of course they had never been anything more than just friends.

But Benjamin took a swing at him but missed as Corbin quickly dodged it.

Benjamin laughed it off. Then he said how he wasn't going to be stopped by anyone. He said he had a plan given to him by his Master that he was to destroy his whole family once Cking reached a certain age. And he then said that he had to kill Corbin now that he was standing in the way of his Master's plan.

Corbin realized that Benjamin was completely mad. He stammered and asked who was this Master he was speaking of. And Benjamin grinned and pointed to the sky. Then Benjamin quickly drew a gun and Corbin panicked. He knew Benjamin meant to kill him. Corbin grabbed a fire torch that was close by and lit it up.

Benjamin caught on fire. Corbin was shocked, but realized it was either him or Benjamin and he had just defended himself. [I realize the fire looks weird, I did it quickly in Photoshop]

Overwhelmed by what had just happened, he broke down and cried.

Corbin then went to tell Brella everything that had taken place in the backyard. She was relieved, saying that she'd be in peace finally away from his brutal attacks and she didn't have to worry about when he'd kill her.

Fearing no one would believe their story about everything Benjamin said and that he'd then attempted to murder Corbin, they decided to keep it their secret. They got rid of the bones and decided they'd come up with something to tell the twins later.

That night, before he left, they were into each other's arms.

He ended up not leaving but letting her lead him to her bedroom.

This Legacy had to be cut short. I had to reformat my Laptop.

Chapter 9 - Bite Me!

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Brella was really freaking out when she saw Cking floating!! Carter didn't seem to notice it, and Benjamin surely wasn't alarmed. [This is a glitch that happened in the game when Benjamin was trying to put the baby in the crib and Carter was in the way so the baby ended up there floating, lol]

The more Cking grew up the more Brella was scared of him. He'd make evil faces and she'd just want to run away from him.

Look at this one. Evil or what?

Benjamin would make her read Cking stories. Stories that didn't make sense to Brella because they weren't kid's books, she even had a hard time pronouncing most of the words.

Brella was constantly tired and drained physically and mentally.

Whenever she'd fail to do something or did a mistake, Benjamin would slap her around, telling her he needed to teach her lessons.

She didn't know her husband anymore. He wasn't the Benjamin she had met and fallen in love with.

That's when she turned to Corbin. He was a someone she had met in college who was now a cop. She told him what was going on.

He listened and promised he'd think of something to help her out. She refused to go to a shelter for abused women, so he made her promise to call him if he got violent again before he could figure out how to help her.

Meanwhile, Cast finally got the courage to ask Holly out on a date. He brought her out to eat some lobster.

They talked a lot, but he couldn't help noticing she wasn't finishing her lobster.

Finally she excused herself and told him she had a headache and wanted to go home. He didn't think she liked the date.

He didn't really care because all he wanted to do at that point was finish her plate.

He later saw a man that was standing in the shadows alone so he went to talk with him. He told him about the date he just had and how bad it had gone. This stranger then hugged Cast, Cast thought it was to make him feel better because his date had gone bad, but then he passed out and when he woke up, he was still at the restaurant, only the stranger was gone.

He didn't think much of it until he went to have his picture taken in the photo booth and when he saw his pictures, he laughed because they looked silly,.. then he realized something was terribly wrong with the way he looked.

Worried he called Carter to come pick him up.

He explained to Carter what had happened and told him he even physically saw differently. Instead of being alarmed, Carter was excited as he said it looked like he had been turned into a vampire. Cast brushed that theory off, saying that he wasn't craving for blood and that such things didn't exist. He figured it must be some kind of a bug he caught.

The next day he got ready to go to school and when he stepped in Cking's room to pick him up, the sun from the window started to make his skin burn.

Alone in his room with the curtains down, he tried to make sense of it and tried to figure out what to do.

That night he felt like he was going mad. Like he was loosing his mind. He kept stomping the flowers in frustration.

He turned to his brother for help. Carter told him to bite his neck and see what would happen. And that if he turned into a vampire also, then they'd know for sure and that way they'd both seek help.

As stupid as that sounded, he agreed and bit his brother's neck...

And sure enough, Carter turned into the same condition as Cast. His brother had been right - it was vampirism.

But instead of seeking help like he had promised, Cast arranged the bed with curtains so that the sun wouldn't be able to get to him in the morning, then he relaxed on the bed, seeming very content.

Cast made several phone calls and finally got lead to this woman whom he was told sold a potion that could cure him. He met with her and bought two bottles. One for him and one for Carter.

He read the inscriptions on the bottle carefully and hoped for the best as he swallowed the whole bottle and waited for it to take effect.

As the gypsy had promised, it worked!

He hurried to go tell the good news to his brother, but Carter wasn't ready to change yet. He told Cast that now that they had nothing to worry about, that they had the cure, he just wanted to remain in that state for a while longer.

Chapter 8 - Growing Older & Having Puppies

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At times Brella would sneak in Nanny Karen's bedroom when she found herself missing her the most.

Baylie hired Nanny Karen's old friend Kendal Lawson as Cameron's Nanny.

They got two dogs now. Tiny and Rex. When Tiny and Rex went into the dog house to WooHoo, they all came running to watch and giggle like little kids.

Adam is now a seniors. He's now a Celebrity Chef making $2,170. He always has that "Donald Trump" pout.

Ave is now the Mayor making $1,313.

Cameron is now a toddler.

Adam says his grandson looks just like him.

Baylie decides to do another painting of her father.

On top of being a painter, Baylie also writes and sells Novels.

Ave is now a Senior.

Tristian spends a lot of time with Cameron. Here he's teaching him to walk.

And when Cameron sees his mother reading, he wants to be read to.

When he got a little older, he started to paint, wanting to practice to be as good as his mother.

All Adam did was pet the skunk and the skunk sprayed him. lol

Tiny goes into labor.

The first little pup born is a boy, they named him Brownie.

The second puppy is another boy, they named him Cloud.

I have no idea what happened. I was watching the puppies grow up, and then the death reaper shows up and takes away Rex! I have no idea how he died! I had boolprop on, so that should have taken care of his needs/motives.

RIP Rex :(