22 December 2009

Bachelor Challenge Part 2 Final

Now with 1 Bachelorette gone, Ashley, that leaves 6. The first 3 who made it to the hot tub this time for the group date was Marilyn, Jesmin, and Rihanna.


Then it was time for the one on one to play Chess.


Paris kept her eyes on Reynaldo as he played with each one.


Then one on one flirting. It didn’t go well with Rihanna.


It went worst with Jesmin! She stopped his flirt and started to cry. It went better with the rest of the girls.


When it was time to vote one out, Jesmin was the one who had to go.


As much as Reynaldo liked Jesmin, they just never clicked. They even had an X over their attraction bar.


Now there are 5 left and the first 3 to make the group date with Reynaldo this time are Drew, Megan, and Marilyn.


Ashley keeps walking by their house and knocking down the garbage can. Which in turn brings termites when it’s not cleaned immediately.


Drew got sick from the termites!


Then Reynaldo also got sick!


The next one on one flirting session didn’t go that well with the others, only Paris truly swooned at his advances.


This time Rihanna was the one voted off.


Although Reynaldo try his best to keep to himself whenever they don’t have any sessions to do. Paris managed to flirt with him before I could stop her. Right in front of the others!! Again jealousy isn't’ helping.


The 3 who made it this time were Drew, Marilyn, and Paris.


Thanks to Paris’ open flirting with Reynaldo, Drew now won’t let Reynaldo try to kiss her. The others pushed him away also.


Only Paris accepted his kiss.


Paris is hated by the others. Especially by Megan and Marilyn.


They gang up on her and take turns poking and slapping her.


The one he let go next was Marilyn.


With only 3 left, Reynaldo apologizes to them to try to make them like him again since Paris is the only one letting him flirt and kiss her.


All the apologizing didn’t really help. The next he had to let go was Megan.


And then Drew… There was nothing he could do because they were too busy hating Paris.


Then the end finally came and it was time to celebrate.


He and Paris had a toast to celebrate.


She didn’t turn him down when it came time to WooHoo.


It didn’t go well because of the jealousy. I wonder how it would have ended up if it hadn’t been for that.


The End


  1. LOL.
    And I then Paris "the fat bitch" was it? gets Drew XD

    What a lovley ending :3

  2. Btw, on blogspot I was wondering how you put all the pictures in one post without having to drag them down?
    I have to do a new post for each picture because I can't drag the picture down far enough without messing the whole thing up ^^

  3. I had trouble with adding pictures because when I added another picture it would show up first, so I had to cut and paste it underneath and keep doing that.
    I now use Windows Live Writer. It can be used with a lot of different blogs. What I do is open my Sims 2 folder where my images are located, and I drag and drop them in the Writer. From there I can put the size I want [I always use Original size], then I can crop the image.
    There are a lot of options you can do with the pictures. I really love it.
    I save it localy, then when I am done I publish it. It's really easy once you get the hang of it.