18 May 2009

Son of a Black Widow Chapter 02


Continuing from we left off, Sandy Latourneau just passed away after being electrocuted. Cordell asked his new lover, Abbey Kalson to move in. She’s a Lieutenant making $826 and added $10 thousand to the family. I only changed her hair, I didn’t mind her facial features.


When Abbey is at work, Cordell invited people over. Quinn came by again with a friend. Cordell called a repairwoman to fix the TV, he didn’t want to take a chance on being electrocuted.


Kendal Lawson also came by. She’s only a teenager, but Cordell likes spending time with her.


Abbey is now pregnant and she’s constantly tired, so Cordell spends a lot more time with Kendal.


One night he was teaching her to dance while Abbey played on the computer.


That didn’t go over very well when Abbey noticed them getting too close to each other.


Sander is now a toddler. He looks a lot like Cordell, but I think he has Sandy’s nose.


Kendal dropped by again, but Abbey was too tired to notice. She fell asleep in her spaghetti.


Cordell and Kendall started to flirt with each other while Abbey was close by sleeping.


He talked her into going to his bedroom and watch TV there.


But soon the TV was forgotten and they WooHooed.


Abbey didn’t catch them in bed, but before going to bed, she started crying. She knew something was going on.


We see Sandy’s ghost for the first time.


Cordell chats online with Kendal and she tells him to check his postal mailbox.


When he goes he finds that she left him a letter thanking him for a nice time.


Abbey finds the card that Kendal sent him. [This is the first time I see these cards. It even has a picture of her on it.]


When Abbey goes to bad mouth Cordell, he just listens and laughs. Poor little Sander has to witness such nonsense.


They aren’t speaking to each other anymore and Cordell hopes that she will move out. He realizes that he doesn’t love her anymore. Maybe he never had.


Abbey gives birth to a son. They name her Abbott. [Ok, the next birth if it’s a son, I am going to go to the neighbourhood to try for a girl. I don’t really care what gender it is, but this is crazy.]


Abbey was mad to see that Kendal was there again. And to top it of, Kendal kept annoying her and Cordell didn’t stop her.


Abbey went outside alone. She needed to clear her head. She sat on the snow and watched the clouds. Suddenly she saw something weird in the sky…


A satellite fell on her, Killing her instantly.


Cordell sobbed as death came to take her away.


Here lies Sandy and Abbey.



  1. So these are going to be death by accident? I'm not liking Cordell...actually sleeping with a teenager...hopes he goes to jail. Something tells me that's not going to happen.

    BTW, I've never gotten one of those cards. What d'you have to do to get one?

  2. He is definitely not a good person.

    I got that card after Cordell's date with Kendal. The date went "good" I think. The meter was somewhere in the middle. I thought he would get a single rose, but he got a card with her picture on it, pretty cool.

  3. Anonymous12:57 PM AST

    Ive had loads of those cards before. it only comes if the date wasnt good enough for a rose.