04 June 2009

I’m Surrounded By Idiots Chapter 7

Here is the Allen’s home now. I am far from being good at building, but just the same, here is the update on how it looks like now.


Serena still makes it a priority to help the girls with their homework. Sometimes she forgets a day because she’s so busy, but she helps them catch up afterwards.


Serena is now an senior. I just love how she looked at each stages of her life. I love this Circonflex skin by Rensim. I changed her hairstyle because I never see seniors with two pigtails. Her hair is still blondish - many seniors do use dye.


I love this simple yet sophisticated hairstyle. Serena is extremely fit because she uses the treadmill and watches what she eats.


Serena and Oliver are laughing at the way Karma eats. Oliver is a lot more younger than Serena by about 9 sim days because it took Serena that long to meet him and get close to him.


Serena went to Veronaville public cemetery because that is where her former deceased Nanny Heidi is buried. But the tombstone is not in it’s proper place yet. [I don’t know why I thought it would automatically go inside the fenced area. I will have to go in build mode to put it where it goes. You can see it by the side of the road between the two men.]


Karma came home all depressed because she got fired from her job! Apparently after lying on the late sheet to help a student that was often late, she got fired. [I got the option question wrong. Those can be tricky. And since I only get one free command per sim’s lifetime, she can’t get another job.]


Serena tries to cheer Karma up.


Serena and Oliver’s love is still alive and strong.


Treena loves sports, so their parents bought a basketball hoop.


Even Nanny Lisa enjoys shooting some hoops at times. Karma doesn’t like it whenever someone else uses the telescope. She thinks it’s only hers.


Jabelle is now also a teenager. She rolled as a Romance aspiration. She seems to like art and music.


Serena baked a layer cake. She usually cooks something that isn’t fattening, but she decides to treat her family.


Whyatt still comes by to spend time with Karma, the rest of the family also enjoys his company.


There hadn’t been a fire in the house in a while, but then Treena decided to try cooking spaghetti.


Serena has planted some nice yellow rose bushes. They still need trimming even in the winter.


Serena tries to tell Karma to stop bathing in the kitchen sink. But she sees no harm in it. She’s just not shy at all.


Charles’ ghost spooks Treena, causing her to wet her pants. It’s the first time he has spooked anyone.


Oliver got a promotion at work after being honest with his boss on a certain game he was playing during his lunch break.



  1. Wow, that was fast, and soon, Serena will be passing down the torch.

    I feel bad for Karma, since you've used the last command on her. So I guess she'll probably be leaving her world with no partner or kids.

  2. Yeah, poor Karma. But I wasn't planning on making her pass down her genes. She's fun to have around and she has Whyatt that comes over at times. I'd feel more bad for her kids, lol.

  3. Anonymous6:29 PM ADT

    Hi my name is Tessa, after seeing Treena pee her pants I couldn't hold it anymore and peed my pants :'(