04 February 2008

Leopard Prints Bedroom Set

Here's a Leopard Print set I made for a bedroom.
Click on the pictures to view them larger.
These are all recolors of the base game. No EP required.

I added the two different walls I made to show the difference between the two, they match with each other. Same as with the floors. And I also showed the difference ways you can use the beds, either without the leopard print sheets or with, or either with or without the leopard print bed frame. The plants are already in your game.

Leopard Prints Wall - Download
Leopard Prints Floor - Download
Plain Furry Wall - Download
Plain Furry Floor - Download
Leopard Prints Bed Sheets - Download
Leopard Prints Bed Frame - Download
Leopard Prints Curtains - Download
Leopard Prints Dresser - Download

Leopard Silver Frame Painting - Download
Leopard End Table - Download
Leopard ArmChair - Download
The clock is already in your game.

Leopard Painting Gold Frame - Download
The Paintings will be found under the "Lady on Red" painting in your game, click on it and it will come up as an option in the recolors.

Here is the Leopard Painting up close.

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