18 February 2008

Chapter 3 - Growing Up

After Nanny Karen moved in, they put up her bed in Brella's bedroom. Nanny Karen also put up some of her own personal belongings. Like the painting, ornament, carpet, night table, and alarm clock.

After the small extension upstairs, this is what the house looks like. They also got enough money to buy a van and do some landscaping.

Adam brought Brella to pick a pet at the pet store. She picked a chihuahua.

Brella was very good at playing with Tiny and teaching him new tricks.

The family loves to listen to music a lot and dance together.

Nanny Karen often invites her Nanny friends over and they have a ball.

Baylie grows up a happy child.

Although she loves Tiny, she's often found playing with the neighbor's dogs whenever they drop by.

Both girls are doing extremely well in school and are trying to get into a private school.

Brella's best friend since even before she started school is Audrey Day.

Ave is promoted to Judge making $1, 138

They did some renovations inside.

Brella is already a teenager.

Brella and Audrey continue to be best friends and have plans to attend college together.

When Brella finally finished high school, she announced to her mother that she wanted to go to college. Her parents couldn't have been proud of her.

Baylie is a young teen still working to finish high school and join her sister to College.


  1. how'd you get the nanny to move in? and if she moves in does she still do all her "nanny jobs?"

  2. The relationship level was really high so when she was asked to move in, she said yes. Then she was a member of the household so I could click on her like other Sims. She still helped out a lot on her own, but I could still make her do stuff.