13 June 2009

I’m Surrounded By Idiots Chapter 10

Drake was looking out the telescope late one night when a UFO abducted him! I was shocked!


Later they brought him home again and no “pregnancy” sound was heard. So he won’t be having a little alien.


Treena was so happy to have her husband back home. Serena watches in amazement as the UFO flies away.


They all gathered around as Drake told of his incredible journey.


Treena influenced Karma to flirt with Sheldon and it worked. They are both attracted to each other.


Sheldon loves to give her a lot of attention. She feels bad that she hasn’t called Whyatt in a while, but she loves Sheldon more and he is so good to her.


“Am I getting any new wrinkles?” Serena asks.
“I don’t know. I think I need glasses.” Oliver replied.


Treena influenced Jabelle to flirt with Hun, but he cut her off! He wasn’t impressed.


Jabelle found a guy that she’s attracted to. Stephen seems more her type.


Karma and Sheldon can’t keep their hands off each other. [That bowl on the ground is stuck there. Even though I use “moveobjects on” it won’t let me delete it.]


Treena goes in labor outside. Everyone gathers around to witness the birth.


Baby boy Travis is born. He couldn’t help but have gray eyes, both his parents have them. Same with the hair color.


Karma really needed to pee, but she didn’t want to miss the birth and pees in her underwear. She’s embarrassed that Sheldon had to see that.


Sheldon doesn’t seem bothered by it, he just goes ahead and cleans it up.


Now she’s embarrassed that she stinks. “There is nothing that you can do that will make me stop loving you.” He assured her. – Now that’s true love!


So instead of going for a shower right away, Karma joined Sheldon and tossed some football.


Treena hired Nanny Lisa, the same one that babysat her and her sister.


“You’re so lucky to have the love you and Sheldon share. I should start walking around in my Wonder Bra as well.” Serena sighs. She loves her husband, but there’s not much attraction there.


Treena was fixing the computer and got electrocuted. Luckily she survived it. She has 4 mechanical points, so I figured she was safe.


Nanny Lisa arrived to babysit and went straight for a bath. I didn’t know they could bathe on the job.


Jabelle must have learned this from her aunt Karma. Bathing in the kitchen in front of others.


Sadly it’s time for Serena to leave her family. But she had a good life and isn’t sad to leave. [She didn’t reach her LTW of having 6 grand children, but for some reason she still got platinum.]


Karma seemed to be grieving the most. She cried for quite a while off and on. She misses her sister already.


Serena has the platinum tombstone like her father Charles.



  1. I love the comments btw Sheldon and Karma...wish I had a man like that, but then, I'd probably run away.

    A sim can get to platinum w/o reaching their lifetime want, if a lot of wants are fulfilled.

  2. Why would you run away?
    I didn't know that about the Platinum. It's the first time it happens to me, I guess the reason being I have more time to fulfill the wants since she was the only one I could control.