13 May 2009

The Black Widow Challenge – Chapter 8


Continuing where we left off, Sinjin Cameron has just passed away after freezing to death.

Joseph and Colt are really getting along. After their homework they always play together.


After Cory moved in [he’s a Commander making $840] he decided to invite the Headmaster over to put the boys in a private school. They both have A+ report cards and the house is in order. Ivory even cooked some lobster for diner that night. Corey could tell this man wasn’t going to be easy to please.


The headmaster always seemed grumpy and negative to everything he and Ivory said.


Ah, then it started, the ghost came out. Toby scared Corey.


Then he scared the headmaster! That couldn’t be good.


The headmaster refused to accept the boys in the private school. [I am thinking it’s because he got scared by the ghost because everything else was going fine. Although I had the Headlines turned off and I couldn’t see the result on how it was going.]


Syn, Sinjin’s son, is now a toddler. He looks cute.


Joseph is now a teenager. He’s the only one that has his mother’s green eyes so far. He does have Joe’s long chin.

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Tobias, Toby’s son, grows into a child.


Joseph kept giving Quinn noogies when Quinn came by for a visit.


It’s so hard to sleep a full night in this household. Toby kept scaring Colt and Tobias.


Then he’d go downstairs and wake up Corey and Ivory and do the same. It looks like the ghost is coming out of her stomach


Joseph decides to move out with his brothers. Maybe he’ll get more sleep there.


Ivory gives birth to Corey’s son, she names him Cordell. [I still had the triplet/quad hack in the game at the time, although I wasn’t using it. I took it out of the game folder after Cordell was born, hopefully that will fix the conflict I am having that is making her have all boys.]


She’d been talking on the phone with the pizza delivery guy, Jess Shaikh, for a while and she finally invited him over.


Corey caught her “woohooing” with Jess and slapped her.


The next day Ivory found out she was already pregnant with Jess’ child.


There was no food in the house and Corey was really hungry and starved to death.


Eight lovers passed away. There are nine graves, but I can’t count Xavier because he didn’t have a chance to move in before the Cow Plant ate him. Ivory’s little crooked, unkempt, cemetery.



+989 – From previous Chapters

+50 – Affair ended in death

+30 – Syn has a different dad

+30 – Caught Woohooing

+10 – For new grave

+2 – Slapped

-10 – Partner died of starvation

Total: 1101 Points

You can download Corey McCullough to have him in your game.


  1. Is it me are Ivory's guys looking hotter and hotter? I love Corey, can you upload him?

    The headmaster, well, I hate all headmasters, and I say good riddance...by the way, I never bother to call him up, just use Twojeffs college adjuster...lazy, I know.

  2. I will package Corey and upload him to the blog. If I can't do it this afternoon, I will do it this evening. He is my favorite of his husbands. I was amazed when I saw how cute he was.
    I won't call him again, especially after all the hard time I had to making sure everything was fine, lol.

  3. I finished uploading Corey and he can be found here: http://ironysims2.blogspot.com/2009/05/download-full-sims-2.html