27 April 2009

Pleasantview – The Dreamers

Now that Darren Dreamer’s son, Dirk, had married Lilith, Don was alone. He always had a pile of bills that seemed to be hard to pay, but he was still getting by fine.


He was painting for a living. So far his paintings only got him around $100 each, but he was getting better at it.


When he saw Cassandra online, he started to chat with her. As sort of a joke, he told her he was alone and that she should drop by.


He was really surprised when she actually did drop by. They had been friends for quite awhile, but he had always loved her. That night he felt bold and decided to tell her how he really felt.


She reminded him that she was engaged to Don. He told her that he just wanted to let her know in case she had doubts with Don that he would be there waiting for her.


She told him he had always been special to her then they started kissing intimately.


Darren never wanted to stop kissing her, and she didn’t seem to mind as she never pulled away.

[One of her wants now is to be engaged to Darren.]



  1. That's one of the things I hate about family sims. If they have more than one love, they want to get engaged or married to all of them, and it clutters, their wants panels.

    Oh, I love/pity Darren, so please treat him well...don't know if I'm saying it to Cassandra or you..