22 May 2009

Son of a Black Widow Chapter 04

So Kendal just passed away after being hit by lightning.

Cordell was starting to make new friends and started really liking Cassidy Fuchs. But when he started flirting with Cassidy, Barbara got really upset with him.


He later asked her why she was so upset, he had never promised her anything. She told him that she was pregnant with his child.


He agreed to let her move in, but he told her he didn’t want to get close to her again because he feared something might happen to her. She didn’t understand what he meant, but she stayed.


They weren’t sleeping together, but she was hoping he would come around soon and maybe ask her to marry him.


Cordell called his sister Jesmin and told her of his problems. Three of his past lovers were dead and now Barbara was pregnant and he feared she’d die too. She asked if he had been the one who murdered them. He denied it.


He did admit that at times he had memory lapses where he didn’t remember what he had done hours before. Of course she advised him to seek professional help.


Sanders doing his homework in his bedroom.


Kendra is now a toddler and very cute. I hope she remains cute.


Cordell loves playing with his daughter.


Abbot is now a child. Sometimes I am so lazy and I don’t use the Tab on my keyboard to zoom properly on the kids, hehe.


Barbara gives birth to a girl whom they name Brandy.


Not long after, Celeste Reeves started hanging around the house with Cordell.


Barbara was really upset that he was ignoring her for the most part and spending some time with Celeste.


She loved Cordell but she couldn’t live this way anymore.


In the middle of the night she sneaked out and left. Even leaving her baby behind.


Cordell tried to find Barbara, but couldn’t. He was having a fling with Celeste, but nothing serious. She wasn’t looking for a serious relationship either.


His main concern was to raise his kids. He wasn’t trying to get into any serious relationships at all.


Barbara finally showed up early one morning and was pissed off when she found Celeste was still there.


When Cordell saw that Barbara was there, he brought Brandy out to show her.


But Barbara started on the fact that Celeste was there and had obviously spent the night.


She then left again without telling him where she was going.


Baby Brandy is now a toddler.


Cordell had been playing outside with the girls when it started to rain.


Just as he was ready to bring the girls inside, Barbara showed up. She was now grown up.


Cordell let Brandy down so she could spend some time with her mother.


When Barbara was ready to leave again, Brandy crawled and followed her. Barbara started to cry when she heard Brandy call her Mommy.


Cordell asked her to stay. He promised her he would seek professional help.


Kendra is now a child.


Sander is now a teenager. OMG, where’d that long nose come from????? LOL

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  1. Gotta say, this' my favorite chap. so far. I love the drama, and it actually seems like there a story developing, rather than...this' what happened.

    Now, I actually hope you make it longer than just five or so chapters.

  2. I got tired of doing the same challenge as with Ivory - just for points and stuff. I am not good at making stories and I don't really have the time to put that much energy into it. Glad you liked it. I was typing what I felt was going on as I played the game. Nothing was planned beforehand. I will be playing that lot again for sure. Thanks so much for your feedback.