10 June 2009

I’m Surrounded By Idiots Chapter 9

Treena and Drake spend a lot more time together. They always get along so well. There is certainly a chemistry there compared to when her mother was dating her father.


They both enjoy shooting hoops. They could go at it all night.


Treena notices that Jabelle often talks to Drake, she fears that Drake will fall for her instead.


Treena decides that it’s time she makes her moves. She wants Drake to know she is serious about him, and wants to know if he is as well. To her delight, he is! They kiss for the first time.


Jabelle watches as they kiss, making funny faces behind to try to make Treena laugh. “Look I’m gonna kiss this cube ball!”


Their father’s ghost spooks Jabelle.


Jabelle laughs saying their father is just playing and would never hurt them intentionally.


Treena proposes to Drake. He happily accepts.


Treena loves to keep fit and her job requires a lot of body skills.


On the day of her wedding, it started to rain so they arranged to have it indoors. Charles’ ghost came out and it was early in the afternoon. Maybe it’s because it was cloudy. It’s the first I notice a ghost in the daytime.


Not a good shot, but I was trying to get everyone who attended in the picture. The two men behind are Karma’s friends, Sheldon and Whyatt. Oliver was sleeping and Treena didn’t want to wake him up. She knew he worked long hours at the police station.


Treena and Drake are officially man and wife.


Finally Oliver gets up. He often stares at me as if for me to tell him what to do. The guests are enjoying the wedding cake.


While the guests are still there, Drake and Treena sneak outside to play catch.


Jabelle is now an adult. Like the previous ones, she didn’t grow up well and she breaks down.


She’s a romance and longs for a boyfriend. Her mother smirks but walks by as if she didn’t notice her playing with a pretend boyfriend.


Treena wanted to Woohoo with her new husband, but Karma barged in the room… of course in her underwear. “Aunt Karma, maybe you should invite Sheldon or Whyatt over?”


Jabelle’s aspiration is so low that Treena feels bad for her. She gives her sister a warm hug.


Drake has a job, but I don’t know what. I am assuming in the business career.


Hun drops by to see Jabelle, but for some reason she’s not interested. He tried to admire her and she pushed him away.


Drake brought a friend home from work. I guess the new Townies I generated have .. um, I forgot what you call them, those with the pointy ears.


Treena tells Drake that she’s pregnant. It must have happened on the night of their wedding. They are both excited.


Karma Allen can be downloaded as an Adult and as an Elder.


  1. I think I have soft spot for the weak, 'cause I'm starting to like Jabelle over Treena. Drake - well, I don't like him. He should have chosen Jabelle. BTW, how many generations is this series to have?

  2. Anonymous7:03 PM ADT

    I'm having trouble adding a comment here so will try to do so anonymously. I am Trishawriter from the blog "The Sims of Pleasantview"

    Just wanted you to know that I JUST found the link to your blog when I was making a post on mine. Your sims are sooo pretty! Love all the custom content and love your blog!
    Okay...I have lots of reading to do now :-)

  3. Xhyleh, I find Jabelle prettier and Drake is not as handsome as I first thought he was. The rules says 5 generations or more. I am just enjoying playing having a torch holder so I am not sure how many generations I will go.

    Glad you dropped by Trishawriter. I have my Sims blog duplicated in Wordpress as well, I was trying to decide which blog I liked best and I can't decide hehe. I think you can post on blogger under your Wordpress login name.
    Thanks for the comments. I just noticed that you posted about The Sims 3, I will go check it out.