19 February 2008

Chapter 4 - College Years

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As they had planned, Brella and Audrey both attend the same College and the same dorm.

[Blooper - Some people at College were showing up as transparent. I have no idea why.]

In order to have her own spending money, Brella would work a few hours a day at the cafeteria.

In her spare time she tried to make new friends. It wasn't easy. Either they weren't friendly....

... or she wasn't friendly. She really disliked Holden Futa for some reason.

She wasn't having much luck with the girls either.

Then she finally met one boy that seemed to like her and she began to date Roger.

Audrey had a major crush on one of her Professors, and he seemed to feel the same and they were close for a while.

But it didn't last very long before the Professor stopped the affair. He told her he didn't want to loose his job over a silly fling.

She was extremely heart broken by his rejection.

The day finally comes when Baylie joins them at the same College.

She spends a lot of her time studying and painting in her room.

Whenever she tries to socialize more, there's often this girl that attacks her.

She tries to remember when her father would teach her to fight in case someone would attack her.

Meanwhile after getting to be friends with one of her female Professors, Brella decided to make her a blind date with Benjamin Long. She had a hard time getting them to talk. The Professor would ignore Benjamin and play games.

Finally they started talking together. The professor didn't seem interested and Brella couldn't see why not.

After the Professor cut the evening short and left, Benjamin started to come on to Brella.

Soon they were alone in Brella's room.

After a few dates with Benjamin, he told her he had found out that she was dating Roger and that he didn't want to see her again.

She didn't know who to choose. But she didn't have to brood on that for long, because soon after she found out she was pregnant.

Her best friend Andrey promised she'd help her in any way and tried to calm Brella's worries.

It wasn't long before people started to talk about her expanded stomach. She tried to hide it, but she couldn't anymore.

Roger really took the news hard when he found out that she was pregnant and that he was probably not the father.

She was getting big really fast and she didn't sleep well.

Her only comfort was that Roger chose to stick by her. He believed that the baby would turn out to be his after all.

She delivered twin boys!! Cast and Carlson. When she was finally back on her feet out of the hospital, she brought them to show her classmates at the dorm.

She asked for Baylie's help with the babies if she was to continue her studies. Baylie assured her she'd help.

After she was allowed to continue to stay at the dorm with the babies, she set up two cribs and settled herself in again.

Audrey would also pitch in to help as much as she could.

And even others in the dorm would help out.

Nanny Karen was all too happy to drop by to babysit when Brella had classes.

Brella had been so consumed by the twins that she hadn't spent much time with Roger. Then one day she found him flirting with another girl.

When she confronted him, he told her it was clear that the babies weren't his. They looked nothing like him. He told her he couldn't see her anymore. He didn't want to raise somebody else's children.


  1. Anonymous10:48 AM ADT

    I thought you couldn't get pregnant in college

  2. It's probably because I have the Inteenimater hack in my game. With this teens can even get married.

  3. Anonymous3:02 PM ADT

    love this!

  4. Anonymous4:58 PM ADT

    how do u get the inteenimater?

  5. I got it here: http://www.simbology.com/smf/index.php