24 August 2007

Chapter 1 - Making Friends

Adam & Ave really are hitting it off at Rocky Mountain Town. They're starting to make a lot of friends.

They keep wanting to throw parties and it's costing them a lot of money with the food and all.

Sandy Brute often drops by and makes herself at home.

Ave helped Sandy get a new look. And being a judge, Sandy really needed it.

With a lot of partying comes a lot of cleaning and Adam is good at cleaning.

Ave was promoted to Intern and shortly after she became pregnant. Goopy loves to hang around.

Everything's going so well. But sometimes Goopy weirds me out, lol.

Adam also received a promotion. He now works as a Drive Through Clerk.

23 August 2007

Introducing The Legacy Family

Here are the two Sims I chose to start the Legacy family. Adam & Ave Legacy.

Adam is Saul by Rock Chick
Ave is Kim Bassinger by Vera Marina

I will be choosing names alphabetically through the generations. Their children's names will start with a B, and so on.

To choose their aspiration, I use a dice, this way it's more of a challenge. Adam is a Popularity Sim, and so is Ave!! This should be fun, ha! Adam's lifetime want is to be a Culinary Chef, and Ave's lifetime want is to be the Mayor.

This is their house. It's quite small. They only started with 25 000 and the house costed 13 000.

The inside of the house. They could only buy the necessities to start out, because they don't have much money.

Adam got a job working as a dish washer. Ave got a job a Campaign Worker. They're not making a lot of money. They'll need to work on getting promotions. But right now all they want is to meet new people and make new friends.

A New Story

After moving I still can't find my Nightlife and Pets EP, so I uninstalled them and only installed UNI. I forgot to backup my Downloads and Saved Games, so I lost all that and I am unable to continue with the first story I started with.

I started a new Town and I am going to start all over again. This time starting only with two adult Sims. This way it won't be as hard to follow.

I have set a few rules.

The first 2 Sims must be male & female. I can either create them or download them.
One child will continue the legacy. Even if they have more than one child, I can only choose one.

The offspring that I choose can marry anyone he/she chooses. Even ones I create or downloaded ones. This is because I find townies boring.

I can't use the cheat code for the money. They must work for it.

23 May 2007

Chapter 13 - Who Loves More?

When Jarlise started dating, Johnny tried hard to always keep an eye on her.

But she'd find ways to sneak Darwin upstairs when her parents were out.

However, Jarlise wasn't the only one who was sneaking upstairs with Darwin.

Jeanu and Darwin were secret lovers.

It was in her 6th month of pregnancy that Jarlise finally admitted to her parents and even to Darwin, that she was pregnant.

She gave birth to a daughter. And much like her mother, she'd be out a lot and didn't take care of her child. Johnny felt like history was repeating itself.

Darwin would often drop by to help with their daughter, although it was clear that Jarlise was seeing other guys. He was older than Jeanu, but the two continued their secret relationship.

When Jeanu was old enough to leave the house, Darwin asked him to move in with him.

Later, Jarlise agreed to let Darwin have full custody of their daughter.

22 May 2007

Chapter 12 - Jade's Family

Jade was having a blast with the puppies.

Zaitrarrio was turning out to be a wonderful dad to both Jygsaw and their new son Zay.

Jygsaw was doing extremely well in school.

Zay with House, the big friendly Lab.

Jygsaw growing up.

26 April 2007

Chapter 11 - Acer's House

Vyn and Laci are happy with their child Lynci.

As Lynci grows it's obvious she has dark marks on her cheeks. But they don't love her any less.
[This is from James Sawyer's Lost Skin. I won't change anything to see how it turns out later .as well when she has kids, if she does.]

Vyn helped Luci into getting into Private School like she wanted by inviting the Headmaster at their house and impressing him. He was not impressed with the cat and hamster, but accepted her anyway.

While Vyn babysat Lynci and took cooking classes, Laci went to a private School.

Chapter 10 - Getting Them Back

After the kids were taken from the social workers, Johnny and Vista never stopped to try to get them back. Every few weekends they'd see them. Here is Jeanu and Jarlise.

[I used the following cheat to SPAWN them back]
InSIMenator (UV) v2.6b SIM Edition
Then I clicked on Ctrl+ALT+C and typed in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
Then left click on a child while clicking on SHIFT and click on "Make Selectable".

Vlad was also growing up fast.

And Virl as well.

They'd all spend time together and play and cherish their time together.

It was after the kids grew a bit that Jade started to drop by a lot. Johnny didn't like it. But he decided to let her in because she was Vista's friend and the twin's mother.

Jeanu was close to his twin sister as he grew, and as much as she looked like their mother, he tried to be friends with their mother as he grew. He was a friendly kid. But had a hard time to get close to Jade.

He, like his father, didn't let it get to him and went on with his life.

However, Jarlise, who looked so much like her mother, didn't get along with her.

Johnny was thorn between telling Jade to stop visiting her kids or to keep trying to finally get to know them.
He certainly didn't want her in his life anymore, but he was thinking of the twins first.

19 April 2007

Chapter 9 - Back on Her Feet

Jade started dating Brandon a lot more after she got pregnant. She wasn't sure who the father was. It could be anyone out of 5 men she'd been sleeping with, including Vyn. However, Vyn had stopped seeing her after Luci gave birth to their child.

When Brandon proposed she accepted only because she needed the help.

She went out with friends almost every night. Partying till the break of dawn. She'd even drink alcohol.

One night, after inviting them all to party at her house, she started having contractions.

She didn't understand what was going on because the baby wasn't due for another 2 months. That night she had a miscarriage.

Then she started dating the town casanova, Zaitrarrio Despret.

She felt she had hit the jackpot because she knew he had a lot of money. She broke off her engagement with Brandon.

One day when she went to the Pet Shop she bumped into Vista. Vista told her what happened with the kids and that she and Johnny were trying to get the kids back. Jade showed a bit of sympathy. She had never been close to her twins, so she didn't really feel grief.

While at the pet shop, she ended up buying a black Labrador. She figured she could have him breed with the white dog who ended up at her house, whom she named Lost. She could make some money out of it. She called the dog House.

Vista would sometimes drop by. Jade was getting tired of hearing her whine about missing her kids. But it did make her start to appreciate Jygsaw more.

After Zaitrarrio moved in with her, she fixed up the place. Her friends were warning her that he'd end up hurting her because he was a womanizer. But she brushed them off. He was showering her with such luxuries and he was good to Jygsaw.

He even made Jygsaw his own spacious bedroom upstairs.

Jygsaw has grown so much and he seemed to like Zaitrarrio.

He had also redecorated the whole house, even leaving space for the dogs.

When she gave birth to a son, whom they named Zay, this time Jade felt happy.

Zaitrarrio was also happy to have a son.

House and Lost got 3 little puppies. King, Queen, and Princess.

Zaitrarrio got Lost into Showbiz. She was a very bright dog, and soon she had a steady job.

It was a lot of work having 5 dogs and 2 kids. It kept Jade extremely busy, she would have to have Zaitrarrio hire a maid.