22 April 2009

Pleasantview – The Pleasants Part 3

Angela moved out of her father’s house and moved in with her mother at her grandparent’s house.


They only invited Dustin’s mother, Brandy. [I don’t know why Angela didn’t automatically have a wedding gown?]


After the wedding they all gathered for a while before Dustin and Angela left for their honeymoon.


When Dustin went to bed, Angela got out of bed. She was pissed off at him for some reason and didn’t want to share the bed with him. [I must have missed it because it shows she is angry at him and I don’t know why.]


Instead she slept on the couch and they had just gotten married! Maybe she found out what his job was; a con artist!


At 2am she got up even though she was still tired, and started watering the plants.


In the morning when Dustin went to hug her, she pushed him away angrily.


By the end of the day they made up.


[It shows that Dustin is attracted to Coral a and Mary Sue! It even shows two bolts each!] Dustin keeps admiring Coral. Seems to be making old Herb depressed.


Meanwhile, Mary Sue is always poking and shoving her old mother.


Coral usually doesn’t fight back and just cries. Mary Sue never seems to have any remorse for what she does to her mother. She can’t blame Daniel for her lousy moods anymore.


Good thing Herb loves his wife so much. Poor Coral doesn't have it in her to just put Mary Sue in her place, she just hopes that she will change.


… Meanwhile Daniel’s family is doing great. Ever since Angela left there has been no more arguing and fighting in the house.


Lilith and Dirk have been going steady for a while again now. He is always so romantic with her.


One day he surprised her by proposing marriage. He told her she was the only woman he ever wanted in his life and promised to love and cherish her till his dying day.


On their wedding day, they invited Dirk’s father Darren and Jennifer Burb, Daniel’s sister, and her husband John. [I don’t remember the little girl with the pink dress’ name, but it’s not Lucy Burb, and Cassandra also showed up and the two latter weren’t even invited. I don’t know how that happened?]


Everything went well. It was the first day of spring and there was still a little bit of snow on the ground.


They had a nice long honeymoon. Dirk promised her that their honeymoon would last for their entire marriage.


They both were excited when Lilith got pregnant. They were still staying at her father’s. Daniel didn’t want them to leave.


They got a little girl whom they named Twilight.


As years went by, things were still as great as ever at their home. Everybody was getting along great. Lilith couldn’t have been more happy.


Sabrina grew into a teenager. She was still a good child, but she was starting to hit puberty and she loved the way men would look at her differently.


Sabrina with her father, Daniel. His hair is now completely white. He is now in his late 60’s.


Kaylynn with her daughter. Kaylynn still looked good at her age. She was more than 20 years younger than Daniel.


That’s all for now…


  1. First of, I love the new layout. Second, why? The Oldies are such wonderful parents and grandparents. They let their ungrateful daughter move in, and then, the newlyweds? That's something...I'm starting to hate Mary-Sue.

    Sabrina's so beautiful, and she looks like her mom. I'm still wondering about that blond hair.

    Oh, usually, when other sims have high relationship points with a couple, they will show up invited or not to the wedding, as long as there's a wedding party.

  2. Thanks, I had been wanting to change it for a while. When I go on another PC I find the picture is too yellow, but here I see it fine.
    I don't know why Mary Sue always has to pick on someone, she is so grouchy.
    I wonder where that blond hair comes from as well, lol. But it is for sure Daniel the father.
    Oh, I didn't know others could go to a wedding like that. That is awesome because it only let's us choose 2.

  3. Anonymous4:42 PM AST

    I'm a bit of a stickler for happiness and didn't like those two sisters so i deleted them. LOL.
    I also put Daniel with kalyn and then i cheated any killed mary-sue with death by flies on the death tester. :)

  4. Yep, at least we get to do what we want with them, lol